Zack Scholl


I have been programming in Go since version 1.5 and have enjoyed its language and structure. Since I adopted Go fairly early in its lifetime there were not as many niche-packages for specific problems, so I sought to develop the ones I needed. Overtime they have become quite useful for the community at large.

go and zig. (2024)
amazing incantations for easily using CGo by leveraging zig.
Fixing a SVE in croc. (2021)
RedRocket found a vulnerability in croc and helped me to find a solution.
How to install portmidi. (2020)
A simple way to get MIDI and Golang work together using portmidi.
Worker pools in Golang. (2020)
A simple pattern to get started using worker pools with Golang.
Websockets. (2020)
A simple pattern to get started using websockets with Go.
Dockerfile for Golang apps. (2019)
A lightweight Dockerfile for Golang apps.
Nesting templates in Golang. (2017)
A small snippet for making nested templates in Golang.
Progress bar. (2017)
A simple thread-safe Go library progress bar.
A tool for web scraping.. (2017)
A simple and powerful web scraper backed by Redis.