Your own internet radio station in one …. (2022)
Use common Linux utilities and a simple server to easily make an internet radio …
Hacking a drum machine. (2021)
The PO-32 drum machine excels at hand-on beat-making, but a few switches can …
A live-coding environment for norns. (2021)
A feature-packed live-coding interface that interconnects norns.
An AI drummer for norns. (2021)
An introspective drum machine that looks into itself and produces rhythm from …
Chaotic modulation on norns. (2021)
Make slow oscillators for crow outputs from norns.
A PO-33 clone for norns. (2021)
An attempt to create a fully functional PO-33 in the norns with the grid.
Making a sample player in SuperCollider. (2021)
How to make a versatile, feature-packed, cross-fading sampler engine in …
Javascript for nice waveforms. (2021)
A simple Javascript/CSS solution for a drop-in replacement of the standard audio …
Sampling with fx on norns. (2021)
Synchronize samples with external clock and add fx.
Supersaw feedback synth for norns. (2021)
A SuperCollider synth with tape-style feedback.
A grid-based keyboard for norns. (2021)
plonk (/plɒŋk/) - to play a musical instrument, usually not very well but often …
Quantized and sequenced granulation. (2021)
Grid-based performative granulation of up to four samples.
Sample-based instruments for norns. (2021)
Like mr.coffee or mr.radar, but for instrument samples.
Simple hack to make a cheap drone synth.. (2021)
A tiny hack using a couple of diodes and a resistor can instantly turn the …
Making a drone in SuperCollider. (2021)
A five step procedure to creating dynamic, evolving drones in the musical …
A sample sequencer for norns. (2021)
Drum sequencing via the monome grid.
A website to listen and control norns. (2020)
Connect a norns device through the internet, allowing tactile control and …
Modulating sample buffers on norns. (2020)
this norns script creates sequences of samples from a tape. you can load any …
Sequencing samples on norns. (2020)
this norns script creates sequences of samples from a tape. you can load any …
Raspberry Pi as MIDI to CV device.. (2020)
I programmed the Raspberry Pi to control voltage and respond to MIDI so I can …
Quantize time-bending effects on norns. (2020)
a quantized delay with optional time bending effects in the stereo field.
Text-based MIDI sequencer. (2020)
I coded a new MIDI sequencer that has a high-level syntax for simultaneously …
How to install portmidi. (2020)
A simple way to get MIDI and Golang work together using portmidi.
Making a mellotron from a cassette …. (2020)
Instructions on converting an old walkman-style cassette player into a …
Controlling music tempo with heart …. (2020)
Instructions on how to use your heart beat to control the tempo for synthesizers …
Raspberry Pi as piano accompaniment.. (2017)
I made my own Raspberry Pi-powered AI to accompany me on piano.
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