Zack Scholl


Generating automatically tuned drums for …. (2022)
A bank of drum samples can be tuned and spliced and turned into a TE device …
Running norns without the shield. (2022)
Instructions for using a Raspberry Pi to run the norns sound system.
Paracosms. (2022)
A 100-song album generated from random pre-recorded samples.
Random music videos. (2022)
A tutorial on making random videos using a neural network.
Stream your audio. (2022)
Personal audio streaming made really easy.
sampswap. (2022)
Generative breakbeats with SuperCollider and sox.
Generations. (2022)
a sound-on-sound technique for generative music.
Internet radio. (2022)
Easily broadcast music from your computer.
PO-32 hack. (2021)
Soldering switches to a little drum machine.
Live coding. (2021)
Using SuperCollider and norns to make coding music.
AI drummer. (2021)
Composing drum patterns using AI.
Chaotic modulation. (2021)
Make slow oscillators for CV control.
A PO-33 clone. (2021)
Creating a functional PO-33 in the norns with the grid.
SuperCollider sample playback. (2021)
Making a crossfading sampler engine.
Waveforms on the web. (2021)
Drop-in replacement for an audio tag for stylized audio playback.
Icarus. (2021)
A Supersaw feedback synth for norns.
Plonky. (2021)
A grid-based keyboard for norns
Granchild. (2021)
Quantized granulator synthesizer.
Mx. Samples. (2021)
Multi-layer instrument samples for norns.
Monotron hack. (2021)
Easily turn the Korg Monotron into a drone.
SuperCollider synthesis. (2021)
Tutorial to make evolving drones in a musical programming language.
A sample sequencer for norns. (2021)
Drum sequencing via the monome grid.
Modulating sample buffers on norns. (2020)
this norns script creates sequences of samples from a tape. you can load any … (2020)
Connect a norns device through the internet.
Sequencing samples on norns. (2020)
this norns script creates sequences of samples from a tape. you can load any …
Raspberry Pi as MIDI to CV device.. (2020)
I programmed the Raspberry Pi to control voltage and respond to MIDI so I can …
Quantize time-bending effects on norns. (2020)
a quantized delay with optional time bending effects in the stereo field.
Text-based MIDI sequencer. (2020)
I coded a new MIDI sequencer that has a high-level syntax for simultaneously …
How to install portmidi. (2020)
A simple way to get MIDI and Golang work together using portmidi.
Making a mellotron from a cassette …. (2020)
Instructions on converting an old walkman-style cassette player into a …
Heartbeat metronome.. (2020)
Using my heart beat to control the tempo.
Raspberry Pi as piano accompaniment.. (2017)
I made my own Raspberry Pi-powered AI to accompany me on piano.