Zack Scholl


All my software is open-source and published on on Github. These are some of my most impactful codebases - some with thousands of users and millions of downloads.

THX theme in SuperCollider. (2024)
An epic sound in just a few lines of code.
sd cards. (2024)
Not all sd cards are the same.
gno -> go. (2023)
Making things in web3 with a new programming language, gno.
Paracosms. (2022)
A 100-song album generated from random pre-recorded samples.
Generations. (2022)
a sound-on-sound technique for generative music.
Internet radio. (2022)
Easily broadcast music from your computer.
Fixing a SVE in croc. (2021)
RedRocket found a vulnerability in croc and helped me to find a solution.
Waveforms on the web. (2021)
Drop-in replacement for an audio tag for stylized audio playback.
Raspberry Pi as MIDI to CV device.. (2020)
I programmed the Raspberry Pi to control voltage and respond to MIDI so I can …
Text-based MIDI sequencer. (2020)
I coded a new MIDI sequencer that has a high-level syntax for simultaneously …
How to install portmidi. (2020)
A simple way to get MIDI and Golang work together using portmidi.
Programming a registration bot. (2020)
I keep missing registration for a pottery class so I wrote some code to help me.
croc. (2019)
Fast, simple, and secure file transfer between any two computers.
FIND. (2019)
A framework for internal navigation and discovery.
FAAS. (2019)
Make any (Go) function into an API with one HTTP request.
My Github graveyard. (2018)
Some projects that didn't meet expectations and I expect not to work on again.
Ingredients. (2018)
Turn any recipe into structured data.
Peer discovery. (2018)
Go library for cross-platform local peer discovery.
Painting from primitives. (2017)
I try a technique for painting that involves starting from simple shapes.
Progress bar. (2017)
A simple thread-safe Go library progress bar.
A tool for web scraping.. (2017)
A simple and powerful web scraper backed by Redis.
Watercoloring with neural networks. (2017)
Can a neural network help me improve my art? Could I take a photo, paint it, and …