Making a sample player in SuperCollider. (2021)
How to make a versatile, feature-packed, cross-fading sampler engine in …
Javascript for nice waveforms. (2021)
A simple Javascript/CSS solution for a drop-in replacement of the standard audio …
Making a drone in SuperCollider. (2021)
A five step procedure to creating dynamic, evolving drones in the musical …
Using websockets in Golang. (2020)
A simple pattern to get started using websockets with Golang.
How to tunnel with SSH. (2019)
A quick tip for using SSH to tunnel into your local network for easily binding …
Dockerfile for Golang apps. (2019)
A lightweight Dockerfile for Golang apps.
IPFS enabled personal internet archive. (2018)
A simple way to make an archive of a website using IPFS and wget.
Installing Keybase on Chromebook. (2018)
Instructions on how to get Keybase working on your arm computer.
My .vimrc. (2018)
Here's my very simple Vim setup that I like to use for writing.
Nesting templates in Golang. (2017)
A small snippet for making nested templates in Golang.
How to use Wordpress with Docker. (2017)
A concise method for initiating a Wordpress instance through Docker.
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