Zack Scholl

Today I learned about...

...producing multichannel audio synthesis with norns.

A continuation of using multichannel audio, but with the norns.

...producing multichannel synthesis with linux..

Its surprisingly easy to utilize SuperCollider's multichannel output with multiple speakers.

...gridding images for painting on the command-line.

There are a few simple commands to easily create grids on images for painting.

...setting up wireguard+pihole with ubuntu and other devices.

The simplest+cheapest way I found to get a personal Wireguard VPN with Pihole.

...calculating the cpu usage of any process in linux.

The /proc sytem gives all the information you need to calculate CPU usage at any interval you want. the free energy principle may imply a feedback mechanism for learning.

The free energy principle may guide feedback mechanisms for learning behaviors at the cellular level.

...tinting an image with `imagemagick`.

Tinting an image into a specific color can be done with a single command using imagemagick.

...generating automatically tuned drums for op-z and op-1.

A bank of drum samples can be tuned and spliced and turned into a TE device patch with just a little bit of code.

...faking ambisonics with supercollider.

There is a simple trick to make audio float around binaural headphones by using oscillating filters and delays on each channel.

...emulating a jp-8000 supersaw in supercollider.

Reverse-engineering a non-linear response curve for detuning multiple oscillators is the key to a great sounding synthesizer.