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habitus, a music technology workshop, is coming to Europe this summer, 2023.

habitus is a two-day investigation of coding and field recording with the monome norns sound computer. It is a collective gathering to explore new habits of programming and musical practice through experimentation, research, collaborative learning, and the exercise of daydreams.

The workshop was designed for people with all varieties of background and any amount of musical and programming experience. These Europe workshops will be taught by a combination of teachers, including myself as well as the brilliant musician Hans Teigar, along with the unbounded enthusastic creators of this workshop - Dan Derks and Jonathan Snyder.

The workshops are an incredible way to immerse yourself in an experience that aims to guide your own creativity to fulfill your musical/creative dreams, whatever they may be.

Personally I find myself constantly making norns scripts to deliver on some musical idea/dream. As one of the habitus guides this summer I will strive to relay some things I’ve learned or found helpful.

Currently there are no upcoming workshops, but stay tuned!

past events

in the past, habitus operated in these spacetimes:

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