Zack Scholl


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A Supersaw feedback synth for norns.

“I warn you, Icarus, fly a middle course: Don’t go too low, or water will weigh the wings down; Don’t go too high, or the sun’s fire will burn them. Keep to the middle way. - Daedalus

for awhile I’ve been attempting to make a synth emulating the korg monotron delay, one of my favorite synths. I’m using the monotron on my current album a lot and wanted to make a softsynth of it which would be a little easier to use in my other scripts. this is a synth for norns that is close to what I envisioned, with some cool features not present in the monotron (pitch stability) but also still missing some of the intense time-swooping (I hope to get there soon).

the synth is presented on the norns with three controls shown in the landscape. the sun shows feedback and levels, the water shows filter and the position shows time. i recommend interacting with these facets in realtime to contour the sound. like icarus, you can keep to the middle, you can get burned up by the sun, or you can get swallowed up by the sea.



(plug in midi keyboard first)

moving time forward causes the sun to more easily collapse.

lots of parameters in the menu.