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Digital tape loops for norns

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digital tape loops x 6.

I call this script “oooooo” because it is composed of six loops. They are like digital tape loops - you can level, pan, speed, slow, shorten, lengthen, dub, overdub any loop at any time.

I was inspired to make this after seeing tape loops circulating (pun sorta intended) all over the place. I like the idea of having multiple independent different loops, with different sizes, played on a different tape players with different eccentricities. I don’t have any cassette tapes but I have norns so I wrote this script to try to make digital tape loops.

future directions:



in tape mode:

in other modes:

all parameters are available via the global menu.


quick menu:

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oooooo ideas:

grid docs:

(thank you @tyleretters for this absolutely amazingly useful grid doc tool!)

loop mode

mellotron mode

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