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Photo narrative from 2019.

These photos narrate pieces of my life from 2019.

For instance, I still have a cat and he really wanted to go outside during the snowstorm of Seattle.

My cat watching the snow.

I set up a TIRF laser system at work and it is finally aligned and ready to image.

Quad-laser system.

I went hiking to Mirror Lake on a beautiful day.

Mirror lake.

I went hiking at Lake Keecheelus and saw the stumps with faces.

The Bob Ross tree.

I found an alleyway that looked like a movie set.

Possible album cover alley way.

I went to Phoenix, Arizona and took into the cactus and sunshine.

Looking out at the desert.

I hiked up to the top of Silver Peak, after failing to find the correct trail the first time.

View from the top over the Northwest cascades.

I watched the Christmas parade of boats over Lake Union.

Boats and lights and music.

I took a picture of a lighthouse as the sun was setting.

A lighthouse in Discovery park.

I took better pictures than last year, here’s hoping that next year will be better still.