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Unpredictable binaural experimentations.

Ube is a Unpredictable Binaural Experimentatal granular synthesizer. It uses SuperCollider code to create a macrogranular sampler that reads audio from a buffer. It uses various LFOs and envelopes to modulate parameters such as playback position, volume, and panning and creates a rich and constantly evolving texture. The sound is then balanced between left and right channels using another LFO for panning, and an envelope generator controls the amplitude.

This SuperCollider code also creates a graphics display of a waveform area, a playhead, and a pan symbol. The waveform area (large rectangle on each row) is drawn using a color that is dynamically adjusted based on the volume level of the audio being played. The playhead (white line) indicates the current position of the playback, and the pan symbol (small rectangle) indicates the panning position. The resulting display provides a visual representation of the audio playback and allows for visual feedback during interactive performance.

Usage / Installation

  1. Go to the SuperCollider website to download and run the latest SuperCollider installer.
  2. Download the latest sc3-plugins and install them into the SuperCollider extensions folder.
  3. Download the latest portedplugins and install them into the SuperCollider extensions folder.
  4. Download and also copy it into the SuperCollider extensions folder.
  5. In the SuperCollider IDE you can run the following code to start it (make sure to change the file that is loaded):
	var pairs;
	// load the ube class;

	// load a file

	// play the tape with lots of players
		[1, 0], // rate is the first number, db is the second
		[2, -6],
		[0.5, -6],
		[4, -9],
		[0.25, -9],
	];{ arg v,i;

	// show gui

Though I made Ube primarily as a teaching tool, its also been a fun exploratory musical instrument.

For more of my music, check out my Bandcamp.